A small group of passionate PHP developers based in Leeds and the surrounding area. We meet up once a month to discuss PHP, the web and related tech. And drink beer. And eat chips, etc.

Not-at-Easter April

18:30, 28th April 2014 by Derick Rethans
Derick Rethans, a prolific member of the PHP community, will be talking this month about MongoDB.

Multi talk March

19:00, 17th March 2014 by Sam Holman
This month we're doing things a little differently - treating you to not one, but two (or more?) speakers. :-)

Enabling Agile through enabling BDD in PHP projects

19:00, 17th February 2014 by Konstantin Kudryashov
Agile is a big thing nowadays. Almost every project wants to be agile, but not all of them succeed. This talk will attempt to discover reasons behind such failures. And more importantly, will show a solution to a successful Agile adaptation through the integration of BDD methodology and tools to development processes.

Making PHP go fast

7pm, 20th January 2014 by Dan Rathbone
If you need PHP to run _really_ fast then the usual approach of building on top of an off-the-shelf framework doesn’t cut it. We’ll look at how to achieve response times measured in single-digit milliseconds and how to scale your codebase to keep your application this fast forever more.

Christmas social: 2013

7PM, 13th December 2013
It's Chriiistmaaas!

The Community: Why you should be involved

19:00, 18th November 2013
Craig Willis will be talking about The "PHP" Community and why you, as developers should be have more than just an interest, but why you should be more involved

Better searching with elasticsearch

19:00, 21st October 2013
This month we have Richard Miller talking about eleasticsearch

A resource orientated framework using the DI /AOP/REST Triangle

19:00, 30th September 2013
This month we have our second installment of talks that are to be given at PHPNW13 with Akihito Koriyama and Richard McIntyre introducing BEAR.Sunday

Easy HTTP Clients with Guzzle

19:00, 16th September 2013
This month we have Nathaniel McHugh talking about Guzzle, a PHP HTTP client and framework for building RESTful web service clients.

N things I hate about Mongo

19:00, 19th August 2013
This month we have Tom Hudson talking about MongoDB, including it's HA mechanism and internal storage