Weds January 19th 2021 - The inner workings of MySQL


  • 18:30 – Join us for a chat
  • 19:00 – Introduction
  • 19:05 – MySQL with Bells & Whistles - Thomas Shone - (@thomas_shone)
  • 20:15ish – End

Free tickets are available on Meetup.

This is a free online event, open to all.

We’ll be using Big Orange Heart’s event platform for this event. This works through your web browser and is available to everyone who is RSVP’d at

The platform will be open from 18:30 so feel free to join us for a bit of chat before the event starts at 19:00.

The Talks

MySQL with Bells & Whistles - Thomas Shone

Thomas Shone @thomas_shone

Dive into MySQL to explore our Cargo Culting behaviours and the inner workings of MySQL and some useful tricks you may not know about.
What happens when a table doesn’t have a primary key?
What does a sane primary key look like?
What is a clustered index?
How do indexes work?
How should I design my indexes and how do I know if it is actually being used?
What tools are there out there to make my life easier?
Bio: South African lost in Amsterdam, he dabbles in security and have been involved in vulnerability disclosures with 3 different credit card processors (only one of them sent legal threats). Nowadays he spend most of his time now helping grow other developers at

Free tickets are available on Meetup.