Weds October 20th 2021


  • 18:30 – Join us for a chat
  • 19:00 – Introduction
  • 19:05 – Humble Developer Culture - Rob Waller - (@RobDWaller)
  • 19:30 – A short break
  • 19:35 – Security Is Hard - Rachelle Scheijen - (@Tijgertje1987)
  • 20:15ish – End

Free tickets are available on Meetup.

This is a free online event, open to all.

We’ll be using Big Orange Heart’s event platform for this event. This works through your web browser and is available to everyone who is RSVP’d at

The platform will be open from 18:30 so feel free to join us for a bit of chat before the event starts at 19:00.

The Talks

The Humble Developer Culture

Rob Waller @RobDWaller

Culture is fundamental to the success of a software development team, a positive culture can lead to great success, but a negative culture can result in unhappy developers and bad software. The question is, what culture should you and your team adopt? This talk will focus on the Humble Developer Culture and how it can benefit you, your team and your software. It will explain what it means to be a humble developer and how this stands opposed to negative stereotypes such as the rockstar or 10x developer. It will highlight how the humble approach will improve team cohesion, developer wellness and software quality. And it will cover what software development techniques and approaches align with the humble developer culture. Rob is the Head of Backend Development for the LifeWorks App. He’s been coding for 15+ years, is a TDD advocate, a PHP fan, and has an interest in Complexity Theory.

Security Is Hard

Rachelle Scheijen @Tijgertje1987

Security is hard right and hacks can not be avoided? In reality it is not hard to do basic information-security and block script-kiddies. In this talk you will discover the common security mistakes and how to counter them. Rachelle is an independent software engineer from the Netherlands with an info-sec background. While balancing on the edge of legality in her youth she can still be considered a white-hat hacker. Hated by the enemies in the popular MMORPG Eve Online and loved as a fleet commander by her allies, it takes a lot of effort to get her to loose her calm.

Free tickets are available on Meetup.