Weds September 15th 2021 - Symfony UX & Quantum Key Distribution


  • 18:30 – Join us for a chat
  • 19:00 – Introduction
  • 19:05 – Getting Started With Symfony UX - Titouan Galopin - (@titouangalopin)
  • 19:30 – A short break
  • 19:35 – Quantum Key Distribution - Panagiotis Papanastasiou - (@papkpan)
  • 20:15ish – End

Free tickets are available on Meetup.

This is a free online event, open to all.

We’ll be using Big Orange Heart’s event platform for this event. This works through your web browser and is available to everyone who is RSVP’d at

The platform will be open from 18:30 so feel free to join us for a bit of chat before the event starts at 19:00.

The Talks

Quantum Key Distribution With Continuous Variables

Panagiotis Papanastasiou @papkpan

Alice and Bob are found away from each other and need a shared secret random data string in order to communicate secretly by encoding their exchanged message with it. In my talk, I will present how they can use quantum physics for communication along with classical post-processing of their communicated data to build such strings.
Bio: I am currently an Associate Researcher in Continuous variable Quantum key distribution. I obtained my Ph.D. degree in the University of York, my master’s degree in Quantum information in the University of Freiburg in Germany, and my bachelor’s degree in Physics in the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. My interests are quantum physics, quantum information, quantum cryptography, and quantum key distribution.

Getting Started With Symfony UX

Titouan Galopin @titouangalopin

Symfony UX is an initiative and set of libraries to seamlessly integrate JavaScript tools into your application. From charts to dropzones and croppers, Symfony UX provides plug and play tools to improve the usability of your apps. Let’s discover how to use it and the library it relies on: StimulusJS. Titouan Galopin has been working at the Symfony company with Fabien Potencier and Nicolas Grekas since 2015. He is a member of the Symfony core team, in charge of Symfony UX. He is also the product manager for Symfony Insight and the Data Protection Officer of the Symfony company.

Free tickets are available on Meetup. Please sign up so we know how much food to buy.