January 18th 2017


  • 18:30 – Turn up, have a drink, a snack, and a chat.
  • 19:00 – Philosophy of Programming – Michael J. Burgess
  • 19:20 – Mid session interval
  • 19:30 – Kickass Development Environments With Docker – David McKay
  • 20:20 – Pop over the road to Headrow House pub

Please RSVP on so we get an idea of numbers, and please, tell your friends!

January’s event, in a break from tradition, is at Futurelabs.

There will be some bottles of beer, coffee, soft drinks, and pizza provided. It’s been moved here in an attempt to open the event up to a wider audience who may not be comfortable meeting in a pub; So, please, if you know anyone who might be interested in attending who previously didn’t want to, let them know. We want to be accessible for all.


Our sponsors make this monthly event possible, so please take the time to check them out, and thank them for their support. We’re also very pleased to announce a new sponsor: Quidco/Maple Syrup Media!

  • Futurelabs – Are a not-for-profit formed to help provide a focal point for tech start-up and scale-up businesses in and around Leeds. Futurelabs offer hot desking, fixed desk space or larger office spaces for tech businesses at very reasonable prices.
  • Inviqa – With offices in Leeds and across the UK and Europe Inviqa helps pioneering brands and organisations to engage, convert and retain their customers through digital innovation. If you’re looking for a developer role have a look at their careers page.
  • Sky Betting & Gaming – A tech company born out of Sky, and are aiming to be the UK’s best digital business. 1000+ colleagues, developing some of the country’s biggest brands in online betting and gaming. Their careers page provides great detail as to the working environment and range of work available across the technology stack.
  • Quidco/Maple Syrup Media – Maple Syrup Media built its reputation as cashback pioneers with Quidco. They’ve since consolidated their credentials in the UK with grocery and travel specific ventures, CheckoutSmart and EarnAway. Their teams are based in London, Sheffield, Berlin, Paris and Durban – check out their careers page

The Talks

Kickass Development Environments With Docker – David McKay

Docker, the hottest technology around at the moment. It swept the Ops world by storm in 2014, became mainstream in 2015, and now it’s set to dominate the developer world, in 2016.
Docker is a tool that allows you to package your application up into a single-runnable distributable binary - akin to the phar, but in Hulk mode. Docker allows you, a developer, to specify the exact environment your application needs to run, across development; test; staging; and production.
In this talk David will cover the creation of this utopian distributable and show you how to can compose your entire production infrastructure locally with only a small YAML file and without installing a single thing.
Lets say hello, to Docker.

David McKay on Twitter: @rawkode

Philosophy of Programming – Michael J. Burgess

What is programming? What are programs? What are programmers doing when they write programs? What is a successful program? In this session we will explore programming as a modeling activity comparing it with art and science. And how programming relates to issues such as truth, knowledge, representation and intentionality.

Michael J. Burgess on Twitter: @mjburgess

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Please RSVP on so we get an idea of numbers, and please, tell your friends!