July 20th 2016

This month’s event is at the Adelphi; there will be chips, there will be drinks.

Thanks again to our sponsors Sky Bet and Inviqa who make it all possible.

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The talks are as follows…

Electrify your code with PHP Generators - Mark Baker

Mark is the Design and Development Manager at InnovEd and the coordinator of Open Source PHPOffice library suite (PHPExcel, PHPPowerPoint, PHPWord, &c), as well as a very accomplished speaker.

One of the new features that was introduced in PHP 5.5: Generators provide an iterable alternative to arrays, or to classes that implement the Iterator interface. At the simplest level, they don’t add anything new to PHP that you couldn’t already do before, simply returning values or key/value pairs to a loop; though they do give you options to perform certain iterative functions without the memory overheads of an array, or without the complexities of lots of boilerplate code that an Iterator class requires.

But look more closely at Generators, and they can be used for much more complex purposes: from simulating arrays with duplicate keys, or keys that aren’t simple integer or string values, to accepting new data each iteration rather than simply returning it, so that you can actually modify their behaviour dynamically, or building Cooperative subroutines.

Generators add real power to PHP

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Beyond Full Stack Engineering - Adam Hepton

…with XCOM refs galore

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