June 15th 2015

We’re back! Albeit after a slightly-longer-than-normal period since our last meetup. In April a small number of LeedsPHPers met to discuss the future of the group. We had a few ideas and suggestions, which we’ll talk about on June 15th, but one of the points was to drop our regular “third Monday of each month” schedule - primarily due to issues with arranging events and speakers around very rigid dates. This next event is evidence of this - organised around the availability of the venue and our speaker. (Update: Yes, I realise that this is in-fact the third Monday of June - but this is purely by coincidence!)

The details of which are:- When Easy is Hard, by Marek Matulka.

“When easy is hard and when hard is easy. Building great applications in PHP is easy - with frameworks like Symfony, Laravel, Yii - it is easier than ever. But the easier you try to make developing applications, the harder it becomes to keep developing one continuously. In my talk I will discuss what easy and hard means at different stages of the project and how we can make it easier for ourselves to deliver software that matters.”

As usual all are welcome, and we’ll have food available and a sponsored bar. This promises to be a great talk and a great event. We look forward to seeing you there!

Marek Matulka

PHP/Symfony developer at SensioLabs UK with over 10 years of commercial experience in the industry. He’s passionate about coding standards and open source. Marek is also a self-proclaimed usability freak, and very interested in data privacy matters.