June 15th 2016

This month’s event is back at the good old Adelphi; there will be chips.

Thanks again to our sponsors Sky Bet and Inviqa who make it all possible.

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The talks are as follows…

Writing code you won’t hate tomorrow – Pete McFarlane

How many times have you looked back at code you wrote a year ago and had a sinking feeling? How many times have you taken over a project from someone else and wanted to re-write everything? Writing software is relatively easy, but designing software that is elegant, efficient and adaptable requires much more effort. I’m going to share three qualities of good code I believe are worth striving for, showing some practical code examples, and helping you to transform bad code to better code.

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Yorkshire PHP Conference – Chris Riley

There are plans afoot for a PHP conference in Yorkshire early next year, aptly titled “PHP Yorkshire”. We’ll have a discussion about it.

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