March 17th 2016

We’re very pleased to announce that LeedsPHP is back after a hiatus. The event will take place on Thursday, March 17th, at the Adelphi from 6:30. you can expect regular events in the coming months as the meet-up springs back into life. The chip butties are back as well as the bar. We’re very grateful to Sky Bet and Inviqa for sponsoring the event. We hope you can make it!

For the opening night we have two speakers…

We all want arrays - Tom de Bruin

Tom will be speaking about the various array functions available in PHP. Looking at efficiency and ease of coding you’ll be questioning the use of foreach loops forever more! Tom’s currently a developer at Marvellous, but moving to Sky Bet very soon.



The current state of PHP - Richard McIntyre

Richard is going to discuss where PHP fits into today’s JavaScript centric world. As a Principal Software Engineer at Sky he has a wealth of knowledge around languages and technologies in use in large scale environments.




Please let us know if you’re coming via Meetup