March 15th 2017


  • 18:30 – Turn up, have a drink, a snack, and a chat (pizza, beer, coffee, soft drinks)
  • 19:00 – “Love and Hate relationship between ORMs and Query Builders” - Romans Malinovskis
  • 19:45 – Mid session interval
  • 19:55 – “Building a REPL for Phunkie, with Phunkie” – Marcello Duarte
  • 20:30ish – Pop over the road to Headrow House pub (a drink or two provided)

Tickets available on Meetup. Please sign up so we know how much pizza to buy.

February’s event is at Futurelabs.

There will be some bottles of beer, coffee, soft drinks, and pizza provided. This is our third month at Futurelabs in an attempt to open the event up to a wider audience who may not be comfortable meeting in a pub; So, please, if you know anyone who might be interested in attending who previously didn’t want to, let them know. We want to be accessible for all.

The Talks

Love and Hate relationship between ORMs and Query Builders - Romans Malinovskis

While some developers prefer writing their own SQL queries, others prefer to abstract the database with Object Relational Mappers. Is there a middle-ground that incorporates both without compromising and resulting in limitations?

This talk will focus on database abstraction, query latency & domain model and persistence mapping patterns in PHP applications. It will introduce the core concepts behind “Agile Data” - (database abstraction library available under MIT from

Romans is an author of “Agile Data” and an active PHP / SaaS developer since 1997.

Romans Malinovskis on Twitter: @romaninsh

Building a REPL for Phunkie, with Phunkie – Marcello Duarte

After writing PhpSpec using PhpSpec, I decided my latest project should be writing a REPL for Phunkie – my PHP functional structures library – using Phunkie itself, along with functional programming patterns and techniques.

This talk will share my learnings. We’ll go through the code, understand the design, and learn how to apply some of the Functional Programming (FP) principles in a real-life scenario. We’ll go beyond the basics and look at how FP deals with state, composition, and side-effects like IO, validation, and more.

We’ll also discuss the benefits and costs of the functional approach. You will leave this session with an appetite to learn even more about what FP, and in particular FP in PHP with Phunkie, has to offer.

Marcello is a co-creator of PhpSpec and the Head of Training at Inviqa

Marcello Duarte on Twitter: @_md


Our sponsors make this monthly event possible, so please take the time to check them out, and thank them for their support.

  • Futurelabs – Are a not-for-profit formed to help provide a focal point for tech start-up and scale-up businesses in and around Leeds. Futurelabs offer hot desking, fixed desk space or larger office spaces for tech businesses at very reasonable prices.
  • Quidco/Maple Syrup Media – Maple Syrup Media built its reputation as cashback pioneers with Quidco. They’ve since consolidated their credentials in the UK with grocery and travel specific ventures, CheckoutSmart and EarnAway. Their teams are based in London, Sheffield, Berlin, Paris and Durban – check out their careers page
  • Sky Betting & Gaming – A tech company born out of Sky, and are aiming to be the UK’s best digital business. 1000+ colleagues, developing some of the country’s biggest brands in online betting and gaming. Their careers page provides great detail as to the working environment and range of work available across the technology stack.
  • Inviqa – With offices in Leeds and across the UK and Europe Inviqa helps pioneering brands and organisations to engage, convert and retain their customers through digital innovation. If you’re looking for a developer role have a look at their careers page.

Tickets available on Meetup. Please sign up so we know how much pizza to buy.