Wednesday March 21st 2018


  • 18:30 – Turn up, have a drink, a snack, and a chat (food, soft drinks, beer, coffee)
  • 19:00 – Talk 1
  • 19:30 – A little break
  • 19:40 – Talk 2
  • 20:10ish – Pop over to the pub for a chat and a drink

Free tickets are available on Meetup. Please sign up so we know how much food to buy.

This is a free event, open to all. There will be some bottles of beer, tea, coffee, soft drinks, and food provided. We will have vegetarian food, if you have any other dietary requirements send us a message and we’ll do our best.

Please note that Futurelabs has moved to a new location at Platform above Leeds city train station.

The Talks

Coding Horrors - A Horror Film Fan’s Guide to PHP Coding Nightmares

Mark Baker @Mark_Baker

Most of us are probably aware of code smells, code that doesn’t apply SOLID principles, code that should be refactored to make the system easier to maintain. But there are other coding horrors that should trigger alarm bells whenever we see them, whether in a legacy codebase or when doing code reviews. Like a good horror movie, coding horrors should scare us when we find them, because they’re often symptomatic of deeper problems. So let’s take a short tour of some of the greatest horror movies ever made (and a few turkeys); and some of the most worrying code horrors that I’ve seen.

Mark is ZCE; Lead/Senior Developer at Paybreak; Coordinator of Open Source PHPOffice library suite (PHPExcel, PHPPowerPoint, PHPWord, &c); Trainee cat herder.

A journey into API performance and security using PHP Silex

Blair Garrett @blairguk

Just want to take you through the practices, tools and techniques I employed when making my best attempt to secure and speed up API’s. For this talk I’ll be using the PHP Silex framework. I’ll go through the reasons for my choice of tools which you can lean on. These will ensure your API goes like the clappers and the bad guys can’t get in. This is loosely based on a read world example. But I will be drawing on experience of creating API’s in Java, .NET, PHP and NodeJS over the years.

Blair is a Developer at Sky. Previously Senior Developer and Data Architect at Saint-Gobain. Amateur fell runner, former amateur tennis player and golfer. And I used to climb up rocks.


Our sponsors make this monthly event possible, so please take the time to check them out, and thank them for their support.

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Free tickets are available on Meetup. Please sign up so we know how much food to buy.