November 16th 2016


  • 18:30 – Turn up, have a drink, have a chat.
  • 19:00 – Eat a chip butty
  • 19:10 – Passwords and how to handle them – Chris Riley
  • 19:30 – Mid session interval
  • 19:45 – “RegEx Is Your Friend” – Liam Wiltshire

This month’s event is at the Adelphi. Chip butties and a drink or two from the bar will be provided by our sponsors Inviqa and Sky Betting & Gaming. Their support makes this event possible, so please check them out.

Please RSVP on so we get an idea of numbers, and please, tell your friends!

The talks are as follows…

RegEx Is Your Friend – Liam Wiltshire

RegEx is scary. At least, if you ask Google, that’s what you might think (257,000). And slow (441,000). In fact, regular expressions are neither of these, and indeed are a powerful tool in your utility belt.

In “RegEx Is Your Friend”, Liam aims to provide some real-world and usable examples of how it can be used in a way that’s fast, explaining how the different parts of regular expressions work and execute to make it understandable for all.

Liam on Twitter: @l_wiltshire

Passwords and how to handle them – Chris Riley

Like it or not, passwords form an essential part of nearly all user authentication systems, yet so many companies make basic mistakes when handling them. Often a password forms the only means of security for a user’s account on multiple different websites so we all have a responsibility to handle this data properly.

During this talk I will go over some of the common mistakes people make surrounding password policies and elaborate on the golden rules for storing them securely.

Chris on Twitter: @giveupalready

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