October 20th 2014

Boost your git skills in this session where we pick out some of the most handy but underused features of an excellent tool. If you’re confident committing, branching and merging, then come along and collect the next set of skills, to include bisect, rebasing, adding patches rather than files, the rerere command, and some tricks for handling multiple remotes. We’ll also look at using configuration files: your own config, the gitignore file and how to teach gitattributes about the different types of file in your project. Anyone using git on a regular basis will learn some new tricks in this session.

FYI - Lorna is also running a one day Git course at Retrograde Academy on the same day (during the day, before our meetup). If that’s of interest, you can find more details on Eventbrite.

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Lorna Mitchell

Lorna is a freelance software consultant based in Leeds, specialising in PHP and APIs, project rescue, technical training and coaching for a variety of clients both near and far.

She is the author of “PHP Web Services” and “PHP Master” as well as being a regular conference speaker and writer for a number of outlets.

You can find out more about Lorna on her website at lornajane.net.