October 19th 2016

This month’s event is at the Adelphi. Chip butties and a drink or two from the bar will be provided as usual by our sponsors Inviqa and Sky Betting & Gaming.

I’ll get there early and make sure the chips come out in a timely manner so we’re not all waiting around this time!

See you then, then.

Please RSVP on so we get an idea of numbers, and please, tell your friends!

The talks are as follows…

Dockerising CI Pipelines – Paul Dragoonis

This talk is intermediate level and should have a bit of something for everyone whether you’re building a standard pipeline (non-docker) or already have a pipeline and looking to see how Docker will make it even stronger. I will demonstrate how building pipelines with Docker differs from traditional pipelines and what steps are involved in migrating from traditional pipelines to Docker ones. I will share my experiences, tips and tricks, and lessons learned on my journey into docker land.

Paul on Twitter: @dr4goonis

ADR Design Pattern – James King

James will be talking us through the “Action, Domain, Responder” design pattern which has been gaining a lot of popularity in the last few years. He’ll explain how it differs from the traditional MVC, and how it makes much more sense than MVC.

James on Twitter: @kingripixel

Please RSVP on