Wednesday October 18th 2017


  • 18:30 – Turn up, have a drink, a snack, and a chat (pizza, beer, coffee)
  • 19:00 – git with it - Tom de Bruin
  • 19:35 – Mid session interval
  • 19:40 – Asynchronous programming with PHP - Bruce Dou
  • 20:30ish – Pop over to the Headrow House pub for a drink and a chat

Free tickets are available on Meetup. Please sign up so we know how much pizza to buy.

October’s event is at Futurelabs. The door to get in is shown here.

There will be some bottles of beer, coffee, and pizza provided. This is a free event.

The Talks

git with it - Tom de Bruin

I’ll throw a few handy tips and experiences your way about using git in teams. Discussing workflow, not overwriting team member’s changes, merging, rebasing, and atomic commits (I love atomic commits!).

Tom’s on twitter (sometimes): @deadlyhifi.

Asynchronous programming with PHP - Bruce Dou

  1. Why and How to utilize asynchronous in PHP
  2. How to implement a simple asynchronous server with PHP C extension
  3. Production ready, large-scale asynchronous programming with PHP language

Bruce Dou is focusing on application performance optimization, system cost reduction, cloud migration, web infrastructure and architecture. This talk will talk about how to improve the performance of PHP web systems and services with asynchronous I/O and pooling.

Bruce’s on twitter: @doubaokun.


Our sponsors make this monthly event possible, so please take the time to check them out, and thank them for their support.

  • Futurelabs – Are a not-for-profit formed to help provide a focal point for tech start-up and scale-up businesses in and around Leeds. Futurelabs offer hot desking, fixed desk space or larger office spaces for tech businesses at very reasonable prices. @LeedsFuturelabs

  • Sky Betting & Gaming – A tech company born out of Sky, and are aiming to be the UK’s best digital business. 1000+ colleagues, developing some of the country’s biggest brands in online betting and gaming. Their careers page provides great detail as to the working environment and range of work available across the technology stack. @skybetcareers

  • Infinity Works – Infinity Works offer an unparalleled skillset across a broad range of engineering disciplines and business specialisms, making them capable of helping to deliver any project and overcome any challenge. Some areas of work are project & product delivery, Managed Services, Organisational Optimisation, Consulting, and Training. They also offer great careers for leading Engineers and Technologists. @InfinityWorks

Free tickets are available on Meetup. Please sign up so we know how much pizza to buy.