September 15th 2014

Join us on Monday 15th September at 7pm in the Adelphi for talks by Sam Holman and Dave Marshall:

Using Ansible to automate a Tmux & Vim based development environment by Sam Holman You’re automating the provision of your production servers, test servers and development VMs with Chef, Puppet or Ansible - but why stop there? Your development environment - that is your editor or IDE and other local configurations are all essential to your productivity, so why not auto-provision them too? In this talk we’ll take a brief look at how you can develop using Vim and Tmux and how you can automate their configuration and setup - leaving you with a portable, reproducible development environment that can feasibly be accessed from anywhere.

Mocks Aren’t Stubs, Fakes, Dummies or Spies by Dave Marshall If you’re familiar with testing your PHP code, there’s a good chance you’ve been using mock objects: But are they really mocks? The term mock object is commonly used in the PHP community to describe both Mocks and Stubs, but they do behave differently, and more importantly, they should be used differently.

Test double is used as the general name for objects, procedures or systems used to replace real components, purely for testing purposes. As the title of the talk implies, mock objects aren’t the only kind of test doubles out there.

This talk will cover the basic differences between the test doubles you might use and when or what you might utilise them for, including practical examples using several of the most popular PHP test double libraries. We’ll then go into a little bit more detail on how the way you approach the design of your software can lead to the use of the different types and the trade-offs between those approaches.

As always, we’ll have complementary chip butties and beer for all attendees. Please grab a ticket from Eventbrite or register your attendance on Meetup.

See you soon!

Dave Marshall

Dave Marshall is a software engineer, who has been building web applications with various technologies since 2004. Dave is a big fan of the Kaizen philosophy and is constantly trying tools, techniques and methodologies to improve his output.

Dave currently works as the Technical Manager at, runs ATST Solutions, blogs at and recently started a podcast.

In his spare time, Dave has started making an effort to contribute back to the open source community, contributing to projects like Mockery and Silex, and also attending and talking at conferences.

Sam Holman

Sam is a Senior Software Engineer for BSkyB. Based in Leeds since 2007, Sam’s worked and consulted on countless PHP projects and is also one of the organisers of the Leeds PHP user group. Very much into agile methodologies, Test Driven Development, Domain Driven Design and Continuous Integration. He can be found on Twitter as @samh and blogs on